Visual Collaboration

Designed for everyone across the extended enterprise, Visual Collaboration with Aras covers all key data types, including 3D models, 2D drawings, Microsoft Office files, images & scans and more using a single, open format: PDF.

Putting everything into a single, powerful open format enables a new level of visual collaboration. Now users beyond engineering can easily access and use the 3D content created by CAD in work instructions, tech pubs, digital mock-up and a lot more.

Visual Collaboration lays the foundation for our Secure Social strategy. Secure Social in PLM embeds social capabilities, including discussions, comments, feeds, tagging and more, into the Aras platform. Aras Secure Social makes it easy for people to interact on PLM items such as Parts, BOMs, CAD files, ECOs, projects and other product data including PDF viewable while need-to-know permissions create a highly secure, collaborative PLM environment.

Visual Collaboration:
  • Automatically generates 3D PDF viewable and thumbnails
  • Enables 3D measurement, redline & markup and 3D comments
  • Easily hide, show and isolate components
  • Easily hide, show and isolate components
  • Configurable admin capabilities for what file types get converted and when
  • Option to automatically generate STL files for 3D printers
  • Included for all Aras subscribers with no additional cost