Secure File Exchange

Secure File Exchange leverages Aras’s connected cloud capabilities to enable managed file transfer from directly inside Aras Innovator, providing a secure way to transfer files and conduct regular data transactions while adding encryption, tracking and traceability.
Secure File Exchange replaces disconnected multi-step procedures, such as FTP, and non-secure methods, such as email and consumer file sharing sites, to enable users to safely and confidently collaborate from within the Aras PLM environment across the extended enterprise with customers, suppliers, outsourcing partners and contract manufacturers.


TRUaras embeds Trubiquity’s advanced managed file transfer (MFT) inside the PLM workflow so that users can securely share and exchange large CAD files, technical data packages, manufacturing data, inspection and test results, and other intellectual property with full tracking and traceability.

TRUaras is ideal for companies that need to exchange large sets of files with suppliers, such as CATIA, Creo and NX assemblies, or for companies that frequently transmit product designs such as PDX files to contract manufacturers.

Secure File Exchange:
  • Powerful –Allows global supply chain partners with thousands of users to securely manage transfers of large, complex sets of files
  • Seamless –Embedded in the Aras PLM platform for an integrated user experience and maximum productivity
  • Performance – Industry leading transfer speeds with high availability and uptime
  • Encryption – Endpoint-to-endpoint security capabilities via authentication and multi-layer encryption including 128-bit SSL, 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 1024-bit private key
  • Traceability – Complete audit trail of all file transfers including the date & time, companies and individuals that conducted file uploads/downloads
  • Visibility – Track and monitor file movement in real-time from pending transfer status to post transfer receipt
  • Compliance – Support for Odette OFTP2 compliance and export compliance such as ITAR and EAR (Export Administration Regulations)