PLM: Success in a Challenging Economy

Today, every company must “do more with less” — tighter research and development budgets, limited human and capital resources, value-conscious customers and consumers, growing compliance requirements, global supply chains and more. PLM can help. Properly implemented, PLM enables companies to manage critical product information among distributed global teams, across the extended supply chain and throughout the entire product lifecycle driving improved efficiencies, reduced cost and greater profits.

In this report from Aras Partner Kalypso you’ll discover how to design and implement your PLM solution to achieve maximum results during challenging economic times. The bottom line? Think big, start small and build incrementally.

PLM Success in Challenging Economic Times:

  • Importance of Priorities and Strategic Business Vision
  • Developing a Realistic Approach and Implementation Strategy
  • Rationalizing Capabilities
  • Improve Productivity and Collaboration
  • Improving Processes and Changing Behaviors
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