Fashion & Apparel

In today’s highly competitive fashion industry, successful companies are the ones that get up-to-the-minute styles in stores at the right price. Aras Fashion & Apparel is a commercial solution that enables footwear, apparel and other fashion-based providers to synchronize the entire product lifecycle, manage complex resources and interdependent relationships, incorporate global supply chain partners into critical processes, and more, in a single, web based collaborative system.

With Aras for Fashion & Apparel, businesses get higher quality, on-target products to market faster, at a lower cost.

Fashion & Apparel
  • Track seasonal line planning calendars, milestones, approvals and responsibilities in a single system integrated with all other aspects of product development
  • Incorporate global supply chain expertise and knowledge early in product development processes to positively impact decisions and performance related to product development calendars, material trends, cost, and quality decisions
  • Quickly and dynamically react to shifts in industry trends and consumer tendencies by leveraging robust and flexible workflow and planning templates visible to all product/project team members
  • Reduce Time to Market by improving collaboration and throughput time, reducing changes and alterations, and increasing data access and visibility
  • Optimize Product Costs with more efficient purchasing and use of raw materials, improved design review, reduced sample requirements, and less scrap and rework
  • Automated workflows for Sourcing and Quoting Processes, Notifications, and User-defined Task Escalation and Subscription Control
  • Secure, integrated management of Bill-of-Materials, Color/Color Palette, Customer Choice, Line Plans, Materials, Samples, Yardage Requests, Agent/Mills Relationships, Measurement Charts and Blocks, Artwork, Construction Plans, Fabric and Trim Libraries, and more