ENOVIA Workflow Toolkit (WFT)

There is a typical need form many customers that they need a good business process mapping solution in ENOVIA. Workflow toolkit is answer to this industry need with powerful workflow design capabilities. With Workflow Toolkit, customer can define equally powerful workflow as in SmarTeam or other PLM Systems.

Workflow Initiation:

By default workflow is initiated on object creation for predefine Types. But workflow can be also configured to be initiated on particular state of lifecycle or on any trigger event which may need a special approval business process with series of tasks.

Key Features:

  • Workflow template design dashboard for process definition with drag & drop user Interface.
  • Workflow template task may have checklist items. To be completed during execution.
  • Can create Workflow Process for each object from Workflow template
  • Can define Actions(JPO Method) on events of Workflow Process
  • As Workflow progresses, it generates Tasks for assigned users/roles/groups based on scope(Project/Organization/All) and RDO
  • Can define Actions(JPO Method) on events of Workflow Task
  • Workflow can have Parallel Tasks
  • Workflow can have Branching. Branch can be auto selected based on expression or by task assignee selection.
  • Workflow can have looping
  • Workflow status dashboard can be visible from a command in object category tree.
  • Workflow Process status dashboard shows active task, Completed tasks and Escalated task with different colour codes
  • Notifications could be configured on various workflow events
  • Workflow process can auto promote object to target state as configured.
  • Current task Assignee may select assignee for next tasks while he submits his task for completion. It gives flexibility to choose right person for next tasks. This flexibility is configurable at Workflow template level.
  • Workflow signoff history can be seen for completed tasks.

Complex Workflow for ECR:

Parallel tasks activated / Completed and Active tasks with colour code:

My Workflow Tasks:

Task Completion Dialog:

Workflow Signoff History:

Workflow toolkit comparison with ENOVIA Routes:

Licensing & ENOVIA Centrals Dependency:

  • Only CPF license is required to use Workflow Toolkit.
  • No dependency on central, it runs only on BPS.
  • Workflow Toolkit licensing model is per User.