Engagement Model


Our engagement models are tailored to meet your specific requirements.SteepGraph Systems engagement options enables its client to select the most suitable business model to work with. We have the potential to work from both onsite and offshore. We have successfully completed many projects in India and Internationally in countries like USA, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea etc. We are open to using one of the per-existing models listed below or coming up with another one that works the best for you.

Time & Material

Customer is responsible for the Project.SteepGraph is responsible for professionally performing the services requested by customer.

Fixed cost

Customer is responsible for providing detailed requirement specification with clear acceptance criteria. SteepGraph is responsible for delivering the final solution in agreed timeline with defined quality standards.
To know next step of process to work with us, please contact SteepGraph representative, we will get back to you with step by step engagement process. Thank you for your interest and sharing your vision.